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All persons have the right to live a life which is an expression of their special talents and creative abilities. Individuals with disabilities are entitled to this same right of expression within a life style which allows personal growth and development.

The role of Tri-Cities Residential Services is one of fostering an environment that promotes self-esteem, personal growth and self-sufficiency in the individuals who participate in agency programs. Behind our role lies the assumption that each person can adapt to living as independently as possible in the community given adequate training and support, and can adopt the norms and patterns which exist in the mainstream of society at large.

Tri-Cities Residential Services believes that an improved quality of life as defined by the individual is the central outcome that must be achieved. Focus of services will be on health and safety, self-esteem and personal value, personal power and choice, community integration and inclusion, positive relationships and competencies in managing personal affairs. In order to achieve the above stated outcome, Tri-Cities Residential Services will promote a strong partnership and collaboration between the individual participant, their families and/or significant other and TCRS personnel. This partnership and collaboration is centered in the belief that the individual participant is the ultimate decision maker, with important input from family, friends, significant others and TCRS personnel.

Tri-Cities Residential Services will work toward making technologies and resources available to individuals with disabilities in the Tri-Cities area. We will strive also to educate our community in the appreciation and acceptance of those persons with disabilities, encouraging integration and equal participation of every individual.


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