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Mission Statement

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Tri-Cities Residential Services is a Person Centered organization that teaches essential life skills and provides support to individuals with disabilities. TCRS maximizes their ability to function independently and effectively by promoting an environment that enhances the individual’s self-esteem, personal growth and self-sufficiency.


RUE: We are consistent with fact and reality. We strive to be reliable and accurate. We can be counted on to be genuine, faithful, honorable, upright in our conduct. We will be unswerving in carrying out our mission, vision and values. We are TRUE in our relationships with customers, fellow team members, contractors, community resources and community partners.


USTOMER FOCUSED: Serving others. We continually seek to understand the needs of all of those who depend on us (our clients, contractors, community partners, community resources, our fellow team members and agency personnel). Then we strive to exceed all their expectations.


ESULTS ORIENTED: Every one of us takes responsibility for meeting our commitments—our personal ones as well as those of the entire organization. We take ownership of the results. We never stand still: we are never satisfied. All of us—individually and as teams—constantly look at everything we do and ask, “How can we do this better?” Then, we use a systematic approach to take action.


YNERGY: One for all, and all for one. We work together, sharing a common purpose, a common culture and common goals. We genuinely care for and support not only those to whom we provide care, but also those with whom we work shoulder to shoulder, to do everything necessary to achieve our mission and vision.


OMMUNICATION: We value open, honest, candid, respectful growth-producing dialogue. We encourage the sharing of divergent views in helping move us forward. We value and encourage each member’s contribution to ideas, issues and strategies. Communicating is the foremost tool we use in providing effective and efficient quality service to our customers.


GILITY: We strive to respond in a quick and easy fashion to the demands of our commitments. We are active, alert and nimble in carrying out our responsibilities in order to fulfill our mission with the “Best Practice” strategies being used.


ESPECT: We say what we believe, and do what we say. We are trusted because we are trustworthy. Our personal, team, and organizational values are aligned with everything we say and everything we do.


MPOWERMENT: We believe we control our destiny and can “authorize” others, through training and support, to be “masters” of their own destiny. We are committed to improving our skills, knowledge and abilities in order to perform our job with the highest degree of success. We are “authorized” to make a difference and impact in fulfilling our mission by innovative, creative, daring. . . .


UPPORT & SERVICES: We enjoy what we do. Providing residential services is hard work, but even hard work can be fun. We take our job seriously. We strive for excellence and have fun.


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“We will strive also to educate our community in the appreciation and acceptance of those persons with disabilities, encouraging integration and equal participation of every individual.”
--TCRS Philosophy